WomenHack Events put socially conscious companies and female developers in front of each other. Have a specific company in mind? Are you wondering what their team culture is like? Find out if the companies you’re interested in empower women in their workforce by asking them face-to-face! Our events are designed to bring about an opportunity to chat with companies who are committed to hiring diversely.

Find out if WomenHack Events is coming to a major city near you:

Upcoming WomenHack Events for the months of June & July

June 27, 2017 – WomenHack Vancouver
June 29, 2017 – WomenHack Seattle
July 6, 2017 – WomenHack Boston
July 11, 2017 – WomenHack Raleigh
July 11, 2017 – WomenHack Denver/Boulder
July 13, 2017 – WomenHack NYC
July 13, 2017 – WomenHack Houston
July 25, 2017 – WomenHack Los Angeles

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